Environmental Consideration in choice of Cleaning Product Range

Our cleaning range of products was chosen with consideration to the environment and our commitment to our ISO14001 certification.

At Thames Valley Cleaning some time ago we looked at the purchasing of our cleaning chemical range to try and be more environmentally friendly.

We chose the Jangro Enviro Concentrates range which enabled us to reduce waste, reduce packaging, reduce the number of deliveries and therefore reduce the CO2 levels. The study showed that in 2015 we could have used 235 boxes of 750ml toilet cleaner, which weighed 1160kg in weight over 2 pallets and used 1000 litres of chemicals. By changing to the Enviro Concentrates we could reduce the useage to 14 plastic bottles, 8.kg in weight spread over 3.5 cases and use only 14 litres of concentrated chemicals.

The concentrate is diluted in a trigger spray bottle with pre-printed product information on them, these bottles can be repeatedly used to stop bottle waste.

The concentrated cleaning products deliver chemicals easily and economically. The products have been formulated with a sensible approach and consideration to environmental issues. They have high concentration, low dosage, accurate dosing method, portable easy to handle bottle, pleasant fragrances, reduction in packaging. The range covers washroom cleaner, hard surface cleaner, general all purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner.

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